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First and foremost, all criticism given in the Deck Clinic is to be constructive and not aggressive or rude. Decks are submitted here precisely because they aren't as good as they can be. So comments as vague and useless as "this deck sucks" aren't welcome. Deck Doctors have the final say in any issues here. While the critique of other members is welcome and encouraged, we can and will ban you from posting in the Deck Clinic if you abuse your right to do so.

Feel free to submit your decks to the Deck Clinic and pull them out at will. You can build a deck that initially resides in the Deck Clinic and pull it out later. Alternatively, you could build a deck and later decide you need help with it here. If you pull a deck out, the peer critique you receive will be saved, so if you need to submit it here again, we won't lose your deck's clinic history.

Give us something to work with! An incomplete deck is fine; we won't turn you away if your decklist has 30 cards and you say "I have no clue what to do for the mana base", but if you submit a decklist that's nothing more than a playset of Meloku the Clouded Mirror and say "I love this guy. Help me build a deck around him!" your 'deck' will probably be removed from the clinic. Such general requests are more appropriate for the Mtg Nation Forums.


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